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Aeterra is a full-service environmental and sustainability consulting firm that provides operating businesses and their owners with meaningful, practical, business-focused advice. Our services include transaction advisory and due diligence, ESG and sustainability, compliance, and investigation and remediation.

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Aeterra was founded in 2021 by a group of experienced professionals who have focused throughout their careers on providing environmental advice for clients engaged in transactions.

Aeterra is ideally positioned to provide high-quality, responsive, and pragmatic environmental services that are accretive to business and asset value. We provide value-added insights and plans related to the financial implications of environmental issues. We also assist operating companies with compliance and help companies create thoughtful, practical plans to address ESG.


Transaction Advisory
We perform business-focused environmental due diligence for buy- and sell-side transactions, with scope customized to reflect the transaction’s relative risk.

ESG Advisory
We complement transaction due diligence before and after the close with advice on measures relating to environmental, social, and governance concerns.

Compliance Services
We assist companies in achieving compliance with environmental permitting requirements, along with advice to management on operating plans, training, and staffing.

Investigation & Remediation
We perform site investigations and implement remediation plans developed by Aeterra’s professionals.

Energy Audits
We help clients evaluate and reduce operational costs, including analysis to optimize energy use, evaluate energy contracts, and offer alternatives.


As both companies and investors adjust to rapidly changing economic conditions and must address the growing importance of ESG, there is a significant need in today’s marketplace for thoughtful, business-focused environmental services.

Aeterra’s professionals are uniquely qualified to meet this need. We keep the interests of investors and owner/operators front and center as we conduct due diligence, develop remediation plans, and provide practical advice, including portfolio company operating plans and input on appropriate training and staffing.

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