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Focused on Transaction Value

Information for Decision-Making

Environmental liabilities present significant challenges to owners of assets and to parties involved in an asset transfer. Risks include not only near- and long-term costs that impact asset value, but also regulatory compliance risk and risk to a company’s reputation.

Aeterra is a newly established, fast-growing environmental and sustainability consulting firm focused on providing high-quality, responsive, and pragmatic services to clients.

Aeterra was founded by leadership and top management personnel who have spent their careers providing detailed, practical advice to owners of operating businesses, to management of those businesses, and to financial and strategic buyers investingin such businesses.

We have deep experience in all aspects of environmental consulting across industry sectors. Our key personnel have represented private equity and strategic buyers and sellers on the environmental aspects of thousands of transactions, including privately held and public companies, along with banks and attorneys.


The combined asset values of deals our principals have been involved in reaches into multiple billions, and our principals have a deserved reputation for giving our clients valuable reports and environmental planning.

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Our Values

Aeterra upholds high-quality client service in every engagement we undertake. We live by an agreed-on set of principles that guide our work.

  • Our Clients are the foundation of our business. We value innovative, responsive, and client-oriented behavior.

  • Our Employees are our most important asset. We take care of our people, their safety, development and overall well-being.

  • Superior Quality is paramount, and is a responsibility shared by all.

  • Personal Integrity, empathy, and ethical behavior are the cornerstones of our business.

  • Clear and transparent Communication will empower our clients to make informed decisions and our employees to realize their potential.

  • We are all personally Accountable to our clients and each other.

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