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Kristen Magee

Managing Director

Kristen Magee has spent more than 15 years as an environmental and ESG due diligence professional, specializing in M&A, regulatory compliance and ESG support services. She has specialist expertise in representing US-based and international financial advisory and strategic buyers, lenders, attorneys, and other parties involved in transactions. Ms. Magee has completed and overseen thousands of buy and sell-side environmental diligence projects, including hundreds of international projects. She appreciates that ESG factors can have direct financial, operational, and reputational impact on active or prospective investments. Ms. Magee also assists clients in integrating ESG in ways that make sense for their firm and its portfolio companies, which can include ESG due diligence, ESG policy development, KPI tracking, EMS system implementation, or sustainability projects such as process optimization and waste minimization. Ms. Magee also founded a multidisciplinary office in new geography for RPS Group, growing its staff to more than 10 people in less than two years.


Kristen Magee
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