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Stephanie Deery


Stephanie Deery is a Chemical Engineer with over 30 years of experience working in the environmental field specializing in air quality compliance and management. Ms. Deery has a proven record in managing multi-media compliance projects involving business expansion, greenfield site development, agency oversite, and enforcement resolution. She regularly conducts air and GHG emissions inventories for compliance, permit determination and reporting. Permitting work includes NSR and Title V permit applications or renewals for small to Fortune 500 clients, compliance with federal regulations including NESHAP and NSPS, evaluating baseline determinations and PSD applicability. Ms. Deery has also conducted technical evaluations for control technologies as required for compliance and RACT analysis and completed ESG program plan development for a mid-level PE firm. Her experience includes air source and ambient testing and is familiar with methods, analytical and compliance requirements and air dispersion modeling requirements for primary pollutants and air toxics.


Stephanie Deery
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